Stuck with content for social media?

On running many workshops teaching people about the benefits of social media, one of the main questions I always get asked is ‘I don’t know what to put’. My answer is that you have a wealth of information and expertise behind you, so show this off but if your still stuck for ideas then here are a few to get you going:

  1. Ask questions. Social media is all about interaction so ask questions related to your business and use it as a research tool to find out what people would like to see from you. Don’t just ask them but answer other questions from your followers too.
  2. Add testimonials you have received and let other people do the talking about how fab you are.
  3. Showcase your expertise with a series of top tips related to your industry.
  4. Post inspiring quotes.
  5. Use images! Images of your products are ideal to put on. But if you are a service related business then try looking at Pinterest for ideas of other pictures and quotes you could use.
  6. Add a link to a relavent article online and include your thoughts.
  7. Show your personality off with conversations with others.

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