Are you missing out on business by not ‘following up’?

You interact with a potential client and you invest time in a meeting with them. They want to buy from you so you give them a quote and then what do you do? Do you follow up?

There has been many a business owner that has told me that they don’t ‘follow up’ because they think if the person had wanted to accept the quote then they would of got in touch already or said at the time. But what about if this potential client has been busy and a little nudge and a gentle reminder then prompts them into booking the work with you? Following up a lead is not a negative thing to do but actually shows that person that you are a real business owner.

A few months ago I had exchanged a few emails with someone I wanted to use to buy some items from and the order was in excess of a few hundred pounds. The gentleman came and met me for a meeting and invested time in finding out what I wanted and answering my questions. I told him there and then that I wanted to go ahead and he also said he was going to send me a few more things via email of alternative items and quotes that might interest me. About a week later I had heard nothing so ended up emailing and chasing him twice and still nothing! What really irritated me is that I had to chase him even though I was buying from him! I have never got my head around the fact that he invested in a meeting but didn’t ‘follow up’ on the order that would have made him money?! BONKERS!

When a lead contacts me I give them the quote and answer any questions they have. I then task myself in my client record system 4CRM to chase them up in two days time, which I always do. By doing this one change in business 18 months ago, saw my conversion rates go up over 80%. I always used to follow up but would sometimes leave it a bit to long when the item wasn’t fresh in my client’s mind anymore.

So ask yourself are you missing out by not ‘following up’?

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