Why I deleted my Facebook business page…

I have had a Facebook business page since they first started introducing them and I have spent alot of time making sure I am consistent with posting etc on it. Then Facebook started introducing their advertising options of boosting posts etc and the stats suddenly plummeted on how many people saw your post and how much organic reach you got just because they wanted you to spend the money!

For the past year I have invested so much time into my Facebook page when 1.) I wasn’t getting the reach 2.) I wasn’t getting much conversion and 3.) I was getting more return on other platforms. I sat around 1,600 likes for over 18 months, sometimes gaining a few and sometimes losing a few but never really moving forward.

Then a few months ago I was running one of ‘Marketing on a budget’ workshops (which I have ran numerous times) and I was giving this advice to the attendees:

  • Don’t feel overwhelmed with how many social media platforms they are. Try them all for a good period of time to see if they work for you but if they don’t then don’t be afraid to not spend time on that one. Invest your time wisely and where you get the results from. Also, don’t feel the need to do certain things just becuase your competitors are.

I came back to the office and thought long and hard about this and I knew that deep down a Facebook page wasn’t working for me and that I needed to practice what I preached so I decided to delete it. I was quite a hard decision and I did have a little ‘wobble’ as I pressed the button but I knew it was the right thing to do.

What I did decide to do instead was start a Facebook group. I wanted something that was more of a community where people could ask for help and more discussion based where I could offer top tips etc. Within a week I had 200 people join and although it is still in it’s infancy I have really enjoyed connecting more with people.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that a Facebook page won’t work for you and actually I manage alot of other Facebook pages for businesses with great results but it’s about looking at your overall marketing and time and investing in what really works for you 🙂

You can join my Facebook Marketing group here.

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