How to raise your brand awareness

Raising the brand awareness of your business is one of the best things you can do but some people are unsure on how to do this. Here are my top tips on how you can get more noticed;

1.) Make sure all your branding/logo/colour palette etc is exactly the same wherever you advertise. Whether it is on Twitter, Flyers etc, consistent branding is key. The more people recognise your branding then the more it will stay in their heads.

2.) Create a referral program for anyone who introduces you to a new customer. They get a thankyou and so does your new customer on their first purchase. This will encourage people to keep referring your business whenever they can.

3.) Blog about the stuff you really know about and create yourself as an expert within your field. Ask to guest blog for other websites and get people to blog on your’s too. Remember once the piece is up then to share it wherever you can. I have a bank of blogs that I can always use as a marketing tool whenever I want then and you can re-share them whenever you want!

4.) Putting together a bank of your own quotes, photos, infographics etc on an app like ‘A Beautiful Mess’ is a great way to share more visual messages as these types of media format always get noticed more.

5.) Network, network, network. Putting yourself out there face to face is one of the best brand building exercises you can do. When you own your own business you do become your own brand so get out there and meet like minded people and share and collobrate wherever you can.

6.) Everyone loves a freebie! So if your doing an event get your logo customised on anything like pens, cakes etc to make your brand stand out and be remembered. 

7.) Put together a competiton on your website and social media. This will encourage lots of traffic to your website and sharing of the content.

8.) Be in front of as many social media platforms as you can. The more someone sees you and your brand the more people will remember you for what you do. There are so many social networks but find the ones that work for you best and put your best efforts into creating a marketing strategy that works for you. Remember to check your analytics to find out where your traffic is coming from so you know where is best to carry on concentrating your efforts moving forward.

9.) Recently, LinkedIn began letting all users publish posts right to LinkedIn via the publishing tool. If your posts get enough attention, it could wind up in the LinkedIn home stream for many users. As an added bonus, having posts attached to your LinkedIn account also helps establish you as an expert within your field.

10.) Put a video on your website on the front page where you will straight away relate to your target audience. You can now also build stories behind your brand with the likes of Facebook live videos etc. Showing emotion and being real can really sell.

11.) Don’t be scared to let your personality shine through your brand. Being fun can actually make your really memorable and give you that unique idendity.

12.) Sponsoring a local event, website, twitter hour is a great way to reach your target audience.

13.) With most social networks you can now also put a small budget into doing paid posts which can give you really good results aslong as you can get the right message across to start with.

14.) Create a loyalty program and reward customers who keep coming back to you.

15.) For offline brand awareness carry personally branded material with you at all times as you never know who you might bump into or get chatting too.

Too summarise, be consistent, persistent and be out in front of as many avenues as you can. Have good morals, ethics and let your personality shine through. BE YOU!

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