Are you marketing yourself enough?

In recent months I have read a statistic online that you should be marketing yourself around 80% of the time in your business and this is something I have been actively doing for approximately a year now and boy have I noticed such a huge difference to the business growth!

To be up with your competitors you need to be ahead of your game and know your marketing inside out. A good idea is to design a marketing plan and segment how much time to spend on each activity. Here are a few top tips to think about when planning your strategy;

  • Do you know who you are trying to reach? Think about your target market and where are they most likely to be?
  • Don’t dismiss all marketing avenues straight away. Try each one for a good period of time (i.e. one to two months) and find the ones that work best for your business. Marketing yourself widely dosen’t mean you have to do every platform out there just the ones that get you your customers
  • Make sure you check your analytics, insights etc when possible on the various platforms. This will show you what reach you are getting and will monitor what does work best for you
  • When a potential client contacts you make sure you ask how they heard about you so you know where to concentrate your efforts in the future
  • Most marketing is online nowadays but think also how you can reach people offline whether this is through promotional flyers and/or networking etc
  • Designate specified time to work on your marketing in your weekly diary. Class it is a meeting and don’t cancel it!
  • Be strict with your time!
  • Marketing plans may change overtime so you can always revisit and adjust to suit how your business grows
  • Don’t ever think you are marketing too much, the more you can do the more rewards you will receive

Marketing consistently also means you are building your brand and reputation which equals MORE CUSTOMERS!

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