3 Top Tips on improving your SEO

 Nowadays Google pick up if you have a responsive website so it is very important to ensure you do. I also wanted to share with you 3 top tips on naturally improving your SEO;

1.) Add a blog. Make sure the blog is integrated into your website and not on another domain and publish lots of content frequently. Your blogs don’t need to be massively long but make sure you include relevent keywords within the post and break up the wording with images too.

2.) Use Google+. Set up a profile and make sure that you add your blogs and any other statuses to your page using hashtags in front of your keywords. Obviously Google+ is owned by Google so the more content you can post the more you will see your company rise in rankings.

3.) Think about what you would type in to Google if you were looking for your business and research what comes up. By doing this you will be able to find where other companies are using and also possibly free websites to add your business too.

If your looking for a responsive website or more help with improving your SEO, then please email me on laura@bubblycreativemarketing.co.uk.

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