Perception; a killer in business?

Every day in our normal lives we judge and we perceive things differently. We might see someone homeless on the street or a mum smoking at the school gate and it is natural to judge and to think what we want, but at this point we don’t know the story.

You maybe thinking where am I going with this in terms of our businesses and how we market them but bare with me!

Have you ever looked at someone else’s business Facebook post or tweet and instantly thought “wow they are doing really well in business but why am I not?. How come they seem to have sold out of that item or got more clients than me and what am I doing wrong?! This is natural thought process but it can be damaging.

A client who I was recently mentoring who owned a craft business followed many similar people in her field on social media platforms and especially one business in particular always seemed to catch her eye. One day she said to me “I feel so low as yesterday I saw that she (the business she followed so intently) had put on her Facebook page that she is closing her order book for 6 weeks as she was at her full capacity”. This instantly made my client feel unmotivated as she instantly perceived that she was doing better then her. But I come back to that word ‘PERCEIVE‘. Let’s look at this in more detail. Firstly, how do we know what her full capacity is? Maybe she works around her family and only takes on a few orders a month? Secondly, you will find that many people use this tactic in business to create demand. It shows a potential customer that your busy and makes them think you need to use them as they seem the best! This is all perception, but this can be damaging to your own business.

When you run your own business, things become personally. We take things personally and this can damage our own successes. My tip is to concentrate on your own goals and how you want to achieve them and not somebody else’s. Don’t benchmark where you are in your business against someone else as there are many factors your not considering I.e. How long they have been in business? Maybe they have a team of people helping them? Just focus on what you want and how you are going to get it.

As the saying goes “never judge a book by its cover”

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